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Intersolar Europe 2014: Advanced Energy Unveils Power String Inverter for Large-Scale Photovoltaic Systems

New AE 3TL 40/46 Inverter Offers High Efficiency, Reducing Total Installed Cost and Ensuring Faster Return on Investment

Metzingen, Germany, May 27, 2014At Intersolar Europe 2014, Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (NASDAQ: AEIS), one of the world's leading providers of photovoltaic (PV) inverter technology, will unveil its new power string inverter for commercial PV systems and utility-scale PV parks, along with an extension of the product range for its proven series of 8- to 20-kilowatt (kW) three-phase string inverters for Japan and North America. Intersolar Europe will be held June 4-6 in Munich.

The three-phase AE 3TL 40/46 inverter is available in two power levels: 40 kW for 400 V AC, and 46 kW for 460 V AC voltages. The AE 3TL 40/46 model is distinguished by high power output at a weight of only 68 kg, giving it a power density of 676 W/kg. It complies with protection class IP 65 and is the only inverter on the market that is passively cooled. The power string inverter is maintenance-free and ideal for decentralized outdoor concepts.

Equipped with UltraEta topology, the power string inverters have very high full and partial load efficiency. Even with partial loads, the efficiency of the three-phase inverter series is over 98 percent, which accelerates return on investment. The wide input voltage range of 350 to 1000 VDC enables flexible modular planning.

Compared with string inverters in previously available power classes, installation costs of PV systems are reduced. DC junction boxes and DC string fuses can be included upon request, thanks to the modular connecting design. Additionally, string monitoring is possible for two to three strings with no extra hardware. The power string inverter can also be equipped with an optional DC overvoltage protection device.

In addition to the new power string inverter, Advanced Energy offers new country-specific variants of its proven string inverter series in the 20 kW power class. The AE 3TL-JP model is available with an output of 20 or 24 kW AC and a maximum input voltage of 500 V or 1000 V DC. Like other AE 3TL series inverters, this inverter is distinguished by its high efficiency, reliability and ease of use. The device meets the requirements of the Japanese Grid Code.

Variants for the North American market have been further enhanced with AFCIs (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupters). As such, the devices are now fit for use in accordance with the United States NEC 2011 and in Canada. The string inverters are available with output levels from 12 kW to 23 kW and with 600 V and 1000 V options .

The Advanced Energy booth will be located in Hall B2, stand number 330, at Intersolar Europe.

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